Saturday, April 9, 2011

Trends for Spring and Summer 2011


2011 is the year for making that bold statement.  Express yourself through pieces that will get you noticed.  Popular this year are bold colors, chunky textures, large stones, layered looks, statement jewelry, and unique cuff bracelets.  Dare to be different -- it is totally acceptable and expected this with jewelry this year. 

At mSs Distinctive Designs Studio (, I fashion my jewelry to make a "statement " and to draw that attention.  I use various textures, dimensions, patterns, colors, and materials to achieve this effect. 

Large Stone

Here are some examples of what we can expect to see this year:

Large stones are the rave now.  Not only do they add dimension to the piece but can be very colorful and bold.  Turquoise is especially popular as it comes in various shades and hues and is the "unofficial" stone of summer.  

Chunky and Layered Look

Layering rings, bracelets and necklaces creates a multi-dimensional look and accents the most basic outfit well.  Imagine wearing a pair of jeans and a nice white tee shirt.  Add layers of beads in various colors, or layers of chains with different link sizes and it'll take that outfit to a whole new level and look. 

A "POP of color
In addition, color - color - color, USE IT!  Color adds appeal and interest to an outfit.  It provides the POP.  Why not present this in your jewelry?  You should. 
Jewelry is, indeed, that perfect accessory.  There are so many ways to express yourself and this is the perfect medium.
Cuff Bracelets

 So, there you have it.  Go for it ... Dare to be different ... Aim to be seen .. Accessorize your heart out (but tastefully) -- and finally MAKE THAT STATEMENT! 
Tell me how you have been able to express yourself through the use of jewelry.  I would love to read your posts. 
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