Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Newly Listed - Precious Flower Necklace

This is a real cutey ...

This necklace has been designed with a large black clay bead with encrusted orange and red flower embelishments. The clay bead is further enhanced with black and red seed beads, large black glass rounds, silver bali beads, decorative black wooden tubes, red jasper chips, black glass buttons, speckled orange spacer beads, and precious silver flower shaped beads.

The necklace measures around 16 1/2" long with a toggle clasp

Monday, May 16, 2011

Newly Listed for Monday
Via Flickr:
This bracelet is designed with nine 12 mm leopard jasper beads. Each bead is unique within itself due to the different color and vein combinations. Some of the beads are a rose hue with grey and white veins while others display a leopard spotted look in the same colors. In addition, and to promote that chunky look, I've added an array of different silver bead caps and decorative rings throughout the design.

The bracelet measures 8 inches and closes with a beautifully etched silver toggle.

Striking and sure to draw attention!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Via Flickr:
This bracelet was custom made specifically for a customer who wanted a bracelet designed using layers of continuous wire full of randomly placed beads. This client wanted three, bead-packed, colorful yet calming layers in the unique design.

To accomplish this, I used cherry quartz, green aventurine, and fancy jasper beads on three full rings of memory wire. For added appeal, I incorporated different types of silver spacer beads randomly placed throughout the design with silver sunflower charms on each end of the bracelet.

The beads range from 4 - 6 mm and the memory wire is comfortable due to its flexible fit around the wrist.

The final design was absolutely lovely in all its randomness ... chocked full of various types of beads, colors and textures.

I'm very proud of this piece and I'm offering it as a custom-make to fit your unique design specification. Please convo me to inquire.


Friday, May 13, 2011

I happened upon this article and found this to be a beautiful combination.  I love to see turquoise and red in jewelry but never thought about applying it to formal attire and this REALLY works!


Do Turquoise & Red Go Together?

Style Spy Says: BerryIs it appropriate to wear a turquoise dress with candy apple red heels? My boyfriend doesn't think it looks stylish.
—Michelle,  Fairmont, West Virginia

Lauren by Ralph Lauren DressI see it's enrollment week at the Carrie Bradshaw School of Style. Please tell your boyfriend that you are already an A student.

"The combination of turquoisea universally flattering color—and a classic blue-red candy-apple color is a fantastic and very chic mix," confirms image expert Jeane B. "Red is considered a secondary neutral, and accents all skin, hair and eye tones perfectly. So combining the two colors, while unique and unexpected, is a wonderful option!"
As long as the rest of your look remains simple, you have nothing to fear, my dear. And by simple, we mean "accenting either the eyes or the mouth, and definitely in a neutral color scheme which accents natural coloring," B. explains.

Finish it all off with a simple pony tail or chignon, and you're ready for your cosmo.


Simple but Bold .. Southwestern Style at $32

The second picture here is a necklace that I just posted (on my Etsy Store) with this same color combination.  It is a southwestern style necklace composed of turquoise and red beads with accents of silver.  It is simple but makes a very BOLD statement at the same time. 

The necklace is listed for only $32.00 and would be a compliment to any outfit.  For more views, click on the picture.

Friday, May 6, 2011

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