Thursday, April 14, 2011


Rainbow Agate and Pearl Necklace
 Happy Thursday!  I woke up this morning and it was nice and sunny after several days of gloomy rain and it made me feel HAPPY!  So this is what I thought, a rainbow develops when the rain meets the sun  and a bracelet design was born - just that fast. I quickly ran down to the studio and selected these fun colorful beads and began to string.  This is the final result.  I think cute, I think pretty, I think young, I think happy, I think bright.  Exactly what I wanted to portray in this piece.  Yeah! 

Rainbow Agate and Pearl Necklace
This is a cute little bracelet made with rainbow colors of agate stones.  As highlights, I've place a glass pearl in between each littled colored gemstone.  This piece evokes fun and happiness JUST AS I FELT THIS MORNING when the rays of sunshine peaked through my window.  I've also added a cute little silver dangling pendant nugget for that bit of extra.     

Again, as I posted yesterday, INSPIRATION, mine today came from Mother Nature. 

Now listed on my ETSY store for purchase. 

Lets see what else will move me in my travels today.   

Until next time ....


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