Monday, April 4, 2011

April's Birth Stone

Did you know that April's birthstone is the ever-desired DIAMOND?  Wow, why was I born in August (Peridot - Green)?  Anyway, I'll stop hating ........

Here are some interesting facts about the "BLING" stone:
  • The Diamond is harder than any other substance on earth - Hard to resist?  Heck yeah
  • Were thought to have healing properties during the mid evil times - They can heal any emotion.  Apologize with this rock my dear!
  • Are just crystalized carbon  - Who needs to get technical.  Does is shine?
  • Found primarily in Australia, Africa and the Soviet Union - and imported to the U.S. of A. 
  • Value based on the skillful cut and facet - no cubic zirconias men!!!!
Ladies .. this is what I know - DIAMONDS are beautiful and will heal "almost" any wound - The ULTIMATE apology! 

Please share your diamond stories with us here.  I'm sure diamonds have made a lot of folks happy out here. 

Also, for all you April babies --- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

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