Friday, April 15, 2011

TIDBIT #2 -- CAN I? DO I? HOW? HELP!!!!!!!!

There are some of us who are challenged from a fashion accessory perspective.  Can I mix this with that? Should I wear this with that?  Does this match?  Is this too much?  But it doesn't match! ... 

Whats a lady to do?  Well, its simple and here are some basic tips from an accessorizing perspective.  This is not rocket science and is not complicated but  provides a good basis when trying to pull together the final touches on that perfect outfit. 

Here goes ... 

Select pieces with classic lines -- a MINIMALISTIC style -- and adorn with "statement" pieces that  will elevate the classic to FABULOUS

See how little it takes?  A statement necklace is all that is needed to draw attention to the scoop neck of this blouse.  The piece is highlighting not competing with the design of the blouse - keep it simple as there is a fine line.

It is perfectly OK to ACCESSORIZE using affordable pieces AND high-end accessories just as long as the styles don't clash.  An example would be, wearing expensive diamond hoop earrings with sterling silver stack bangles. YES!  An expensive pearl necklace with a cheap pair of ruby earrings - Uhh, a NO!

And finally, focus on purchasing pieces that are versatile and can compliment any look.  Stay away from the overly trendy pieces that limit your ability to expand.  This way, you can buy those few quality items, spending a bit more but less in the long run overall because of the broad usability of your pieces. Less is more.

Till next time ..


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