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Colored Stone of the Day - GREENS

Back several posts ago, I provided reference to various stones in different color categories (  I love unique and interesting natural stones and have been researching their attributes. Now and in upcoming postings, I would like to share with you a showcase of semiprecious stones and describe their unique characteristics within that specific color category.

In future postings, I will highlight a new stone in a different color category, so visit often or "follow" me for updates ....

The stone color of the day is GREEN

Aventurine is believed to benefit mental grounding and enhance clarity and self-confidence. Also, if you can believe this, it is seen to increase libido. 

This is a translucent to opaque quartz with inclusions of glistening minerals.    Aventurine can also be found with red, green, orange, brown, and blue colors that are caused by the various minerals inherent to the stone. 

Typical colors are:  blue, green, dark green, red, peach, and brown

The come in the form of rounds, coins, ovals and carved and faceted shapes.

The relative cost is low which makes this a popular stone to work with as they compliment well with silver, crystals and glass lampworked beads.

Malachite is believed to be a healing stone that is able to mend the heart and body.  It is known for having energies that center and balance while bringing about prosperity.  Pairing Malachite with Copper is said to enhance its power.

Malachite is an opaque stone and takes its color from its copper content.  It has beautifully banded striations in various shades of green and can be enhanced by cutting and polishing. 

The stone is available in many popular forms to include:  rounds, ovals, cabochons, faceted and heart shapes.

The relative cost is moderate to expensive but lower grades are just as satisfying to work with as they still show off the lovely patterns of the stone. 

Zoisite is believed to help bring creative thoughts to fruition to those who where it.  Interestingly enough, it is also said to settle obsessive emotions targeted towards another individual. 

There are different kinds of Zoisite, one being Tanzanite and another Thulite.  Ruby Zoisite is a very popular variety of this stone wich features a swirling mix of green and rich ruby red. 

The stone typically comes in green, pink, bue, yellow or gray in the form of nuggets, faceted shapes and rounds. 

The cost is moderate and is striking when paired with garnet and rhondonite.  This gemstone is also nice with garent, silver or gold.

Chrysocolla is believed to ease fear, anxiety and guilt.  It is a mineral that forms in the oxidation zones of other copper ore bodies (azurite, malachite, limonite, quartz, cuprite) and is sometimes confused with turquoise.

Chrysocolla is typically blue-green and may have streaks of white.  They are available in ovals, coins, rondelles, squares and rounds and are relatively low in cost. 

This stone pairs well with labradorite, lapis lazuli and turquoise.

Kambaba Jasper is a energy stone known for stabilizing emotions and the dietary system.  It is believed to help us connect with the earth's energies.

Kambaba is a member of the quartz family and is known as the "star galaxy jasper" because of the inherent concentric rings in shades of green, black and brown.  It comes in forms of ovals, rectangles, rounds and many faceted shapes. 

The cost is relatively low and is a compliment to crystals, silver and limestone. 

Peridot (my birthstone and personal favorite) is known for enabling the healing and harmony of relationships .. especially marriages.  It is also believed to provide a protective shield around the body of the wearer. 
Peridot is a gemstone variant of olivine and is olive green due to the presence of iron.  The color is natural and no treatment is needed in any way to enhance it. 

The higher-grades of this stone can be reasonably expensive but very nice to work with because of their reflective surfaces.  Lower grade, smooth stones are budget-friendly and can be as attractive in jewelry designs. 

Peridot is striking when paired with tiger's eye or garnet and is lovely with silver. 

This listing is not all inclusive but only a sampling of green stone types

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